37th AEFCA Symposium in Com/Italy

AEFCA and the italian coachesassociation AIAC will organise the 37th AEFCA-Symposium in Como/Italy. The event will take place in „Lake Como Sheraton Hotel- and Congresscenter“.

Registration of signed-in participants will start on wednesday, nov. 2nd 2016 at 15.00.
The opening-ceremony will start on thursday, nov. 3rd 2016 at 9.00.
After evening-event on friday, nov. 4th the Symposium will end.
Departureday is saturday, nov. 5th 2016.

The interim programm-draft shows beside national (italian) and international speakers about football-issues several practical sessions as well.

Information about participation, expenses a.o. you can receive by mailing to info@aefca.eu .
Deadline for signing-in will be september 15, 2016.

On friday, nov. 4th, 2016 in the morning the AEFCA-Generalassembly for AEFCA-member-organisations will take place. After ending of the legislative period new elections will take place.
Memberorganisations are asked to propose appropiate candidates for administrative functions inside the Presidential Board, the Executive-Committee, for Auditors and for the Arbitration Court until two weeks before the General Assembly by mailing to info@aefca.eu.

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  1. Dear Sir/ Madam ,
    Good day .
    Good day . For your kind advice regarding the registration &  registration form to participate in  the 37th AEFCA symposium that will take place in Com / Italy  on  November , 2-5 , 2016 .
     I will represent the Iraqi Football Association; Kurdistan Football Association  as I did for several times ,  last one was  in the  35th AEFCA symposium -Zagreb . I did not attend the last symposium that took place in Sochi / Russia due to my  commitments  .
     For your kind information , I have Polish nationality .
    Many thanks in advance ,
    DR. Raid Rahman
    Professional coach
    Foreign Relations
    Iraqi Football Association 
    Kurdistan Football Association  

  2. Joseph Micallef 24. September 2016 at 16:55 · · Reply


    Please can you send me the full programm of this year Symposium which is being held in Como,


    Joseph Micallef
    General Segretary
    Malta Football Coaches Ass.

  3. I want the bacshars in the como yo can send it to my mails

  4. I enjoyed what was a national conference in Como Son amazing thing is most hotel dining rooms observations of people who passed Hnosaim training team training everything was fine

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