Name: Alliance of European Football Coaches’ Associations
Foundation: 12 January 1980 in Vienna / AUT (as UEF, later UEFT)
Registered in: Frankfurt am Main / Germany
(since 28 November 2007, Amtsgericht Frankfurt,
Vereinsregister 13843)
Administration office: Daimlerring 4 – Gebäude Nord/EG
D – 65205 Wiesbaden-Nordenstadt
Official languages: German and English
Actual President: Walter Gagg / Switzerland
1st Vice-President: Jukka Vakkila / Finland
2nd Vice-President: José Pereira / Portugal
General Secretary: Jürgen Pforr / Germany
Members: 48 national football coaches organisations
(out of 46 countries)
Main event: AEFCA Symposium (once a year)