AEFCA honours Dr Jozef Vengloš and Gérard Houllier

16 December 2013 – Having been the President of the AEFCA and its precursor organisation UEFT since 1995, Dr Jozef Vengloš (77) decided not to stand for re-election at the recent General Assembly held in Antalya, Turkey.

Hailing from Slovakia and looking back on a tremendously successful coaching career on practically all continents of the globe, Vengloš’s current poor health sadly also prevented him from attending the symposium organised by the European coaching body.

In recognition of his outstanding record as the leader of the Alliance of European Football Coaches’ Associations, and in honour of his untiring commitment for the coaching profession, the GA attendees unanimously elected him Honorary President and rose for a standing ovation.

Amongst many other achievements, Vengloš was the driving force behind the fruitful co-operation agreement with UEFA that was given official status by way of the “Memorandum of Understanding” jointly signed in 2008.

The event also served as the backdrop to award the Lothar Meurer Honorary Award to Gérard Houllier (66) for his great merits for European football in general and his long-time support for the Alliance in particular.

Appointed Global Sporting Director Red Bull Soccer in 2012, Houllier has featured as one of the keynote speakers at numerous AEFCA events, including this year’s Symposium where, on behalf of FIFA, he talked about “Top Football before World Cup 2014”.

The seventh awardee to receive the prize named after the first AEFCA (UEFT) General Secretary, Houllier’s coaching pedigree includes, amongst other titles, the 1996 U18 European Championship with France, as well as the 2001 UEFA-Cup and UEFA Supercup titles with Liverpool FC.

The trophy itself is a handcrafted masterpiece made of Bohemian crystal especially commissioned by the AEFCA from the prestigious Preciosa works, a world leading producer of cut crystal and glass art based in Jablonec, Czech Republic.

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