AEFCA President turns 75

18 February 2011  –  Dr Jozef Vengloš is going to gather his closest family and friends today in Bratislava to joyfully celebrate his 75th birthday – reason enough for the AEFCA Executive Committee and all of the 46 member organizations to send their best wishes for many happy returns on his special day. Happy Birthday, dear Jozef!

A Slovak by birth, Dr Jozef Vengloš (Photo: UEFA) has been President of the Alliance of European Football Coaches’ Associations (and its precursor, the UEFT) since 1995. At the recent General Assembly held in Warsaw on 6 December 2010, he was re-elected for another three-year term.

On the same day, he was presented with the Lothar Meurer Honorary Award (cf. News of 22 December 2010). He is only the fifth person to receive this honour, awarded by the AEFCA for the holders’ exemplary commitment and extraordinary service to the game in general, and the coaching profession in particular.

His honours are legion and include a host of trophies and championships won as head coach in charge of renowned clubs and associations, not to forget his countless assignments on behalf of FIFA and UEFA. Which is why we will refrain from listing them all and instead refer to the jubilee brochure entitled “25 Years UEFT” featuring a detailed account of the illustrious life and career of the man who is known and admired as “Gentleman Joe” by his many friends (complete brochure downloadable by clicking on “About Us / History”, Vita Vengloš see PDF below).

Below please find a few photos and impressions presented by UEFA’s Technical Director, Andy Roxburgh, during his Warsaw award speech in the President’s honour.

Impressions, PDF, 478 KB
Vita, PDF, 265 KB

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