Ancelotti and Spalletti new members of A.I.A.C. Executive Committee

26 February 2009 – In Carlo Ancelotti (AC Milan) and Luciano Spalletti (AS Roma), our Italian member association A.I.A.C. (Associazione Italiana Allenatori Calcio) elected two top-level coaches to its Executive Committee.

With President Renzo Ulivieri set to be re-elected on 9 March 2009, the leadership of this coaches’ organisation, which numbers more than 60,000 members, will be composed of the following representatives:

President: Renzo Ulivieri; Vice-President: Biagio Savarese (professional football), Paolo Anselmo (amateur football)

Executive Committee: Carlo Ancelotti, Giancarlo Camolese, Luigi Castiello, Marco Maestripieri, Luciano Spalletti, Walter Nicoletti (all professional football), as well as Roberto Bellomo, Stefano Milanesi, Giancarlo Murru, Paolo Sodi, Luca Perdomi and Antonio Vento (all amateur football).

Honorary President: Azeglio Vicini; General Secretary: Giuliano Ragonesi

Ancelotti    Spalletti

Carlo Ancelotti                                             Luciano Spalletti                                         

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