Austrian Coaches’ Association celebrates 40th anniversary

22 July 2009  –  Coinciding with the 40th further education course organised by the Austrian Coaches’ Association (Bund Österreichischer Fußball-Lehrer, BÖFL), the association celebrated its 40th anniversary at the national training centre in Schielleiten (Steiermark) on 27 June 2009.

Historic Schielleiten castle was the fitting venue for the ceremony where AEFCA-General Secretary Karlheinz Raviol presented the founding member of the UEF (later re-named UEFT, the organisation that preceded the AEFCA) with a valuable ball-shaped ceramic sculpture crafted at the prestigious “Majolica” manufactory in Karlsruhe, in appreciation of the BÖFL’s long-standing commitment to raising both the profile and the level of coaching in Austria.

Counting some 400 members, the BÖFL had organised a three-day course attended by 80 Austrian coaches, as well as a number of guests from Slovenia and Germany, who keenly followed the indoor and outdoor presentations given by Dr Hannes Uhlig, Johann Kießner, Willi Ruttensteiner, Günter Pechhacker, and Urs Siegenthaler. The course also provided an opportunity to introduce Mr Thomas Janeschitz, MA, as the Austrian FA’s new Head of Coach Education.

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