Awards and Jubilees

12 November 2012  –  At the general meeting of our Turkish member association (TÜFAD) held in Ankara on 5 November 2012, the delegates re-elected Ismail Dilber for another three-year presidential term. Dilber has also been a co-opted ExCo member of the AEFCA since 2001.

Meanwhile, elections held by the EJR Macedonia’s coaches body MFCO on 21 September 2012 resulted in Zoran Stratev being selected as its President for the next four years.

Stratev succeeds ex-international player Vujadin Stanojkovik who, having been in office since 2006, is going to continue to serve the MFCO as its Vice-President.

“Many happy returns on your 70th birthday!” … is how family and friends greeted AEFCA ExCo member and current Morocco FA (FRMF) Technical Director Jean-Pierre Morlans (13 October, left), as well as Giuliano Ragonesi (25 October, right), the General Secretary of the Coverciano/Florence-based AIAC whose commitment to our cause dates back to the days when the AEFCA was still called the UEFT, not to forget Walter Gagg (26 October, below), who started out at FIFA in Zurich in 1983 to head the Technical Department until 1994, before taking charge of the Sport and Development branch.

For six years, he was responsible for the world football governing body’s Stadiums and Security department and has been the FIFA President’s Technical Adviser since 2008.

In recognition of his services for the coaching profession in Europe, and in particular for the AEFCA, he was awarded honorary member status of our alliance in 2007.

We join the long list of people wishing all of the above the very best for the future!

Hailing from Dortmund in Germany’s industrial Ruhr area, Frank Ludolph can proudly look back on 15 years’ service at UEFA. Having first earned his spurs at the German FA headquarters in Frankfurt, he joined UEFA on 1 October 1997 as Section Manager Coach Education in the Football Development Division.

In 2005, he became Head of Football Education in the Football Development Division and has since been involved in not just coaching, but also grassroots and medicine matters, as well as in drafting and implementing the Coaching Convention and the Grassroots Charter.

In addition, Ludolph’s team co-ordinates the activities of the technical observers at the finals of UEFA’s numerous competitions, oversees the Study Group Scheme, and administers the Pro Licence exchange programme that helps broaden the minds of hundreds of budding elite coaches every year.

Frank was also instrumental in completing the Memorandum of Understanding between UEFA and the AEFCA signed and agreed by the respective presidents on 31 January 2008. As Head of Football Education Services, Frank and his staff are now part of the National Associations Division.

Much to the AEFCA’s regret, Andy Roxburgh, having joined UEFA as its Technical Director in 1994, has left the services of European football’s governing body with effect from 30 September 2012. A separate report highlighting his merits and achievements is going to be published on these pages shortly.


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