Come meet the new AEFCA members!

20 August 2013  –  Since 1 July 2013, coaches from Wales and Kazakhstan have been full members of the European coaches’ umbrella organisation, AEFCA. Introducing these new arrivals, we’d like to begin with the Coaching Board of the Welsh Football Trust.

The body was founded by the Football Association of Wales (FAW) in 1996 and is home to just under 1,000 coaches who have obtained the following licences: “UEFA Pro” 66, “A” 217, and “B” 159. A further 529 coaches have taken the FAW’s “C” coaching badge.

The Coaching Board is chaired by Osian Roberts, who is also the FAW Technical Director; the other members of the board are Carl Darlington, Jamie Clewer, Craig Gill, Richard Gunney, Gus Williams, Lauren Smith, Nicola Anderson, Rob Franklin, Jay Probert, and Mizan Rahman.

The AEFCA’s points of contact at the organisation are O. Roberts and Secretary Gavin Reen.

The coaches’ home base is the newly-opened national football development centre (spring 2013) “Dragon Park” in Newport. Facilities at the venue comprise three pitches – two premium-grade grass pitches and one third-generation artificial pitch – and a state-of-the-art headquarters building providing changing rooms, a training recovery zone and an administrative base.

Their objective is simple and straight forward:

More Coaches – Better Coaches
More Players – Better Players

For further information, just click on “Wales” in the Member Organisations section of this website or visit


The “Coaching Board of Kazakhstan‘s Football Federation” is the other new AEFCA member; it is closely linked to the country’s national association that proudly celebrates its Centenary in 2013.

Its current membership total is some 330 coaches holding the following licences: “UEFA Pro” 23, “A” 132, and “B” 253. In addition, there are 75 “C” licence holders and 20 members who have obtained the Football Federation of Kazakhstan’s (FFK) fitness coach licence.

In his younger years, chairman Seilda Bayshakov (63) – who’s been an FFK Vice-President since August 2007 – was an elite player for FC Kairat Almaty and the former USSR national team.

He is joined on the board by FFK Sporting Director Anatoly Yurevich, Kanat Musatayev (Football Academies Chief Coordinator, Miroslav Beranek (National Team Head Coach), Vladimir Nidergaus (Head, National Teams Dept.), Kairat Adambekov (Head, Technical Training Centre), and Olzhas Abrayev (FFK Coordinator for Clubs and the Futsal National Teams).

The AEFCA’s point of contact is Yerlan Adambekov (Secretary).

The Kazakhstan coaching guild is headquartered at the FFK’s “Technical Training Centre” in Almaty. Their prime mission is to improve the status and quality of the nation’s coach education system, the aim being to see clubs and the national teams achieve international performance standards that allow them to compete at the highest level.

For further information, click on “Kazakhstan” in the Member Organisations section or visit



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