German coaches guild analyses 2010 FIFA World Cup at ITK in Düsseldorf

3 September 2010  –  Almost 1,000 Pro and/or A Licence-holding coaches met in Düsseldorf from 2-4 August 2010 for the 53rd International Coaches Congress (ITK) hosted by the German AEFCA member, the Association of German Football Coaches (Bund Deutscher Fussball-Lehrer, BDFL).

The impressive number of attendees included some 50 foreign coaches, heads of training and education, and directors of sport from 28 European and even oversees countries. The Alliance of European Football Coaches’ Associations (AEFCA) was represented by Vice-Presidents Dr Zdenek Sivek (Czech Republic) and Jukka Vakkila (Finland), Treasurer Wim Adolfsen (Netherlands), Jacques Müller from Luxembourg, as well as Horst Zingraf (1st Vice-President) and Karlheinz Raviol (General Secretary), neither of whom – strictly speaking – can be considered a “guest” as they also wearing their BDFL hats, as it were. All in all, the AEFCA community was out in force, represented by Presidents and other delegates from many coaches unions and associations.

Speaking for the German FA, DFB coaching staff member Bernd Stöber and DFB Head of Coach Education Frank Wormuth (both had also excelled at the XXIX AEFCA-Symposium in Frankfurt in 2008) presented their 2010 FIFA World Cup analysis, followed by prominent colleague Jörg Daniel who introduced the newly-devised goalkeeper coach licence, and Ulf Schott (DFB Youth Football and Talent Promotion Dept.) who proved how much Germany’s 2010 senior national side had benefited from the DFB’s efforts in spotting and promoting talented youngsters over the last few years.

“Football-specific condition training“, the second key item on the Congress agenda, was illustrated in a series of scientific talks on fitness, speed, and stamina, with the Düsseldorf ESPRIT Arena serving as the ideal location for the practical demonstrations.

Wrapping up the event, DFB Director of Sports Matthias Sammer, Schalke 04 head coach Felix Magath and his Borussia Dortmund counterpart Jürgen Klopp were joined on stage for a panel discussion by former national team head coaches Otto Rehhagel (Greece) and Otto Pfister (Cameroon) whose experience, debating skills and wit greatly contributed to the information and entertainment value of this year’s Congress.

Anyone looking for more detailed information about the ITK is invited to visit the website and click on “ITK/Dokumentation” where video footage of the presentations can already be viewed on-line, with the actual papers (in German only)   in a downloadable format to follow shortly.

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