The AEFCA pursues the following aims and objectives:

a) Representing its member associations at European level;

b) Representing licensed football coaches at European level;

c) Organizing an annual symposium as a forum for further education for licensed coaches and an international platform for the exchange of experience, opinions, suggestions, visions, and ideas;

d) Assisting with intensifying, and improving the standard of, coach education throughout Europe;

e) Closely cooperating with UEFA and its affiliated associations, with FIFA and all other international sports organisations, as well as with the media (written press, radio and television);

f) Advancing and promoting intensive, individual, and creative training and education of young talents in Europe;

g) Taking adequate action safeguarding that football remains the “Number One Sport” in Europe;

h) Improving the public image of the coaching profession by adopting appropriate PR activities;

i) Respecting and promoting the spirit of Fair Play, as well as observing the principles of sport in all coach and coaching-related issues;

j) The AEFCA observes the principle of strict neutrality in all issues of politics, race and religions. It will protect the right of all member associations and their affiliated members to be treated in accordance with the principles of law and equity, and it will ensure that equal treatment will be afforded to all, irrespective of their descent, gender, nationality, denomination, ethnic origin, political belief or commitment to any party or union.

k) Respecting and promoting honesty and integrity in the coaching profession, and dealing internally, to the extent possible, with any transgressions against these principles.


Status: 6 December 2010