Dear President, Dear General Secretary,

AEFCA 37th Symposium in Como/Italy is calling!

Less than 6 weeks are left to the beginning of AEFCA´s major Football-Event!

If you have not signed in yet – please use the link, that I mailed to you with the last mail.
Termination for signing-in (via internet) will be october 15th, 2016.
Registration in Como will start on november 2nd, 2016 at 3.00 p.m. in the Congress-Center.

AEFCA -Symposium

Speakers from hosting italian association AIAC and international Lecturers from France, Brasil, Germany and other countries will show latest developments in Football.
Practical Session will take place in “Inter Primavera” (Inter Milan), AEFCA plans to accompany the program by visits of Milano Center and Como Lake Tour – enough time for smalltalk!

AEFCA – General Assembly

The General Assembly will take place on friday morning.
Please take notice of the attached “Agenda” and the “ElectionGuide”

AEFCA will elect the AEFCA-Representatives for the next legislative period (four years).
AEFCA-Memberorganisations are asked to propose appropiate candidates for Presidential Board, Executive Committee, Auditors and Arbitration Court.
Please mail the names of the candidates and the position, they run for, to the GeneralSecretary latest two weeks before the General Assembly!


AEFCA classifies the status of memberorganisations (“Effective Member” or “Observer Member”).
Your status is important for voting-rights and election-rights! (see attached “ElectionGuide”).
Those of you, who have not returned the “Census-Questionaire” yet, are asked to mail it to until latest wednesday sept. 28th, 2016.
Otherwise you are automatically classified “Observer Member”


AEFCA will start in Como consultations with representatives of international Coaches-Associations about launching an new worldwide operating Football-Coaches-Association.
We want to create a joint resolution to start negotiations about the constitution of such an important mission.

If there are any questions left, do not hesitate to contact the GeneralSecretary

yours sincerely – mit freundlichen Grüssen

Jürgen Pforr






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