LMA records show 63 managerial movements in the 2012-13 season in the English professional game

8 August 2013  –  Once again, the English League Managers Association (LMA) has published its end-of-season statistics dealing with how head coaches and/or managers have fared in the top four tiers of professional football in England.

Prepared in co-operation with the Warwick Business School, the document provides a detailed account of when and how often (though not necessarily why) clubs change managers, differentiating between dismissals on the one hand, and resignations on the other.

With a total of 63 managerial movements – of which 43 were dismissals, with 20 voluntary resignations – last season’s numbers are at their highest since records began in 1994-95. The findings also provide information on managers’ average length of tenure (1.84 years), and on how much time goes by before a manager (who has resigned or been dismissed) finds a new position – 1.63 years.

There is a sharp contrast between a manager’s average tenure of 1.84 years and the managerial longevity enjoyed by, for example, Sir Alex Ferguson (26 seasons), as well as his successor at Manchester United David Moyes (more than 11 seasons at Everton FC), not to forget Arsène Wenger who’s been with Arsenal FC for almost 17 seasons now.

Members are invited to download and view the full document – in the English language – by clicking here.

In addition, the LMA has kindly agreed to make their quarterly publication “The Manager” available on the AEFCA website shortly – watch this space!

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