Montenegro’s Coaching Association accedes as 44th AEFCA member

9 November 2009 – As of January 2010, the Coaching Association of Montenegro (UFTCG) will be a fully-fledged member of the AEFCA, whose Executive Committee decided, on 24 October 2009, to accept the application of accession of the Alliance’s 44th member association.

UFTCG President Sava Kovacevic and Vice-President Zoran Lemajic were delighted to be advised of this decision at the AEFCA’s 30th Symposium held in Minsk, Belarus.

Currently numbering a mere 260 members, the newcomers belong to the group of the so-called smaller member associations; nevertheless, their declared goal for the immediate future is to promote and further develop coaches’ qualification nation-wide and at all licence levels. The UFTCG is headquartered in the nation’s capital, Podgorica, at the seat of the national football association, FSCG.

More information on the new AEFCA member is available under the MEMBER ORGANISATIONS section (click on “Montenegro“).

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