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9 August 2013  –  At the LFTA’s recent general assembly in Latvia, 51 coaches (all of whom are UEFA-Pro and/or A-licence holders) cast their votes to elect a new executive committee.

Meeting a week later, the executive committee members, for their part, elected Janis Skredelis (73) and Arturs Zakreševski their chairman and deputy chairman, respectively. The full committee line-up features Gregorijs Gusarenko, Aleksandrs Starkovs (who is also the Latvian national team’s head coach), Dainis Kazakevics, Jurijs Andrejevs, Marians Pahars, Igors Stepanovs, Mihails Zemļinskis, Arturs Šketovs, and Jurijs Popkovs, while Egils Trušēlis is going to be the LFTA’s contact vis-à-vis the AEFCA. For contact details, please visit the LFTA website listed in the “Member Associations” section.

Janis Skredelis can look back on a most impressive coaching career. Not only did he coach various club sides to several league championships, he also left a successful legacy as national youth team coach, trained the Iraqi Olympic Team 1989-90, and was in charge of the Latvian FA’s (LFF) Competitions Dept. from 2002 to 2012.

Footage from the LFTA general assembly can be viewed by clicking the Play symbol below:

Video Clip General Assembly LFTA 2013 (3:28 min.)

Jaroslav Jambor, formerly the General Secretary of our Slovak member ÚFTS, is the new President of Slovakia’s coaches’ association. Jambor will be ably assisted by Tibor Grofik (General Secretary) and Vladimir Čmelko (Secretary).

Responding to current and future communication requirements, the body has launched its own website For contact details, just click on Slovakia in the “Member Associations” section.

Headed by its long-time President Aquilina Lawrence, the Maltese football coaches organisation MFCA – a potential candidate to host this year’s AEFCA Symposium – also proudly presents its new website

Users are invited to find out more about this small but nonetheless prestigious member association by visiting the “Member Associations” section.

Just as time doesn’t stand still, neither do our 48 AEFCA member associations, specifically Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, England’s FACA, Italy’s A.I.A.C. (whose excellent website re-launch now features an English-language version), and Lithuania (new postal address), not to forget the Czech coaches body UČFT that has recently introduced a new logo and website (detailed account to follow).

With the exception of the UČFT-specific details, all data and information provided on have been thoroughly and comprehensively updated, including the lists of all postal and email addresses available in the “INTERNA” section.

To conclude this NEWS chapter, we are happy to announce that long-time UEFA Technical Director and former AEFCA Vice-President Andy Roxburgh was 70 years old (or should that read “young”?) on 5 August 2013.

Roxburgh recently accepted the position of Sporting Director of the New York Red Bulls who are currently proud leaders of the MLS Eastern Conference, the top-flight professional soccer league in the U.S.

Heartfelt wishes for many happy returns go out to a trusted friend and great person, combined with a huge “thank you” note for everything he has done for the AEFCA and its predecessor, the UEFT!

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