News at a glance (15)

21 August 2013  –  The UEFA Women’s EURO 2013 hosted by Sweden was the backdrop against which the presidents and board members of the AEFCA’s Scandinavian members met in Gothenburg on 16 July 2013.

Continuing a time-honoured tradition, the “norsemen” gathered to discuss the further intensification of cooperation, not least in the areas of coach education and the joint organisation of fact-finding trips. The AEFCA positively welcomes such regional efforts and is happy to provide advice and assistance whenever required.


“News at a glance (13)” featured, amongst other information, the re-election of Ilias Logaras and Evangelos Prokos to President and General Secretary, respectively, of the Greek coaches’ body Hellenic Federation of Football Coaches (HFFC) for another three-year mandate.

Allow us to add that by virtue of a seat on the national association’s (HFF) executive board, I. Logaras represents coaches’ interests, and that E. Prokos is a member of the HFF Committee for Training and Education. This ensures close links and efficient, fruitful cooperation between the national football association on the one hand, and the coaches’ organisation on the other.


One of the recent additions to this website was the inclusion of the new “publications” sub-section of the Member Organisations navigation point. Just click on the links included there to read and/or download publications produced by AEFCA member associations (in their respective languages) and supplied in either electronic or pdf-format.

The Coaches Union of the Czech Republic (UČFT) can pride itself on being the first member to provide its publication “Fotbal a trenink” to a wider audience; the English LMA’s magazine “The Manager” is due to follow shortly. Both associations have already given the go-ahead for all future issues to be thus distributed.

As we would love to also present the publications produced by other AEFCA members, we want to actively encourage you to promote exchange and communication between us and all member organisations by providing us with whatever periodical you would like to share. Do not hesitate to contact the General Secretariat with any proposal or question you may have.

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