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11 April 2014 – AEFCA Executive Committee meetings are held twice yearly, and the first to be chaired by newly-elected President Walter Gagg took place on 17 March 2014, with the Slovak Football Association (SFZ) kindly hosting the event at its headquarters in Bratislava.

Re-elected SFZ President in February earlier this year, Ján Kováčik (51) joined General Secretary Jozef Kliment and Technical Director Ján Greguš to personally welcome the ExCo team members and wish them a successful meeting. The input made by the SFZ leadership, as well as by coach education assistant Michal Kovač, was and is greatly appreciated – thank you very much!

The elected ExCo members (December 2013) did not lose any time to deal with a long list of agenda items, the key question being what future roles and responsibilities the AEFCA is supposed to assume. Given the great number of challenges to be tackled, several working groups will be appointed to address specific issues.

At the same time, and based on Walter Gagg’s widespread network of contacts, it was decided to intensify communication with the Alliance’s key partners, with the first few positive signals having been received already. We aim to be able to send more detailed information out to the AEFCA members by the middle of the year.

First introduced on 22 August 2013, the “Publications” section (to be found under the “Member Organisations” heading) is growing fast. In the meantime, the number of AEFCA members sharing their publications online and free of charge has risen to eleven. Fresh from the (virtual) presses: the No. 19 issue of the English LMA magazine “The Manager”, as well as the spring issues of “Jalkapallovalmentaja” from our Finnish and “TRENER” from our Polish colleagues, respectively.

By the same token, do check out “L’Entraineur Francais”, the completely revamped magazine published by the French AEF/Amicale, which includes an article on the last AEFCA Symposium held in Antalya. We would be delighted to offer other members’ publications here as well, and look forward to hearing from you!

Further news in brief

– For all those who wish to (re-)explore events at the 34th AEFCA Symposium in Antalya, the “Symposia” link features a brief summary. Just click on the word “more” and find the key topics explained, plus of course the presentations that have been made available to date.

– A very interesting article, written by President Walter Gagg and first published in “The FIFA Weekly”, is to be found under the “News” heading – specifically, “AEFCA in the News” – and deals with the necessity for coach education in Africa to catch up with latest developments. W. Gagg also addresses the issue of responsibility on the part of the European football community, i.e. clubs and national associations including the AEFCA, to engage themselves on the African continent in the spirit of solidarity.

– Continuously and carefully updated, the “Dates & Events” section features the most comprehensive list available of upcoming and relevant events (in some cases, up to and including the year 2016) hosted by our member organisations, UEFA, and FIFA.

– Horst Zingraf, the AEFCA’s long-serving 1st Vice-President, was 75 on 24 March 2014! We are most grateful to him for his extraordinary commitment to the Alliance and for his outstanding work, wishing him many more successful years in his capacity of Honorary President of our German member organisation BDFL.



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