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27 August 2010  – It is 30 years ago this year that one of the founding members of the AEFCA, the Swiss Coaches Union (Union Schweizer Fussball-Trainer, USFT) was established at Zug, with René Hüssy elected as its first President. René went on to become one of the AEFCA’s Honorary Vice-Presidents and sadly passed away three years ago.

His successors in office were Kurt Schadegg (1980 – 1998), Urs Siegenthaler (1998 – 2008) and, most recently, Philip J. Müller (since November 2008). Supporting and reinforcing a pan-European perspective, all of them kept strong ties with the AEFCA and its precursors UEF/UEFT. Now headquartered at Bern, the USFT has some 600 members. For further information, click on “Member Organisations” or visit

Leo Beenhakker (Photo: CBV) was elected the new chairman of the Dutch professional coaches’ association CBV (Coaches Betaald Voetbal) at this year’s general assembly, succeeding Foppe de Haan, who had coached the Dutch U21 national side to 2007 European Championship glory.

Aged 68, Beenhakker, whose impressive c.v. features high-calibre assignments all around the world (including national championships with Ajax Amsterdam, Feyenoord Rotterdam, and Real Madrid), last took the Polish national side to EURO 2008 hosted by Austria and Switzerland.

For further information on the CBV, click on “Member Organisations” or visit

Our heartfelt congratulations go out to Fredi Fiorentini (Photo: AEFCA), President of the Croatian coaches’ association and Hajduk Split manager, who was awarded his PhD degree in Kinesiology on 7 July 2010; his doctoral thesis is entitled “Morphological, motoric and functional characteristics and success in the game of soccer among cadets and junior soccer players.”

Aged 49, Fiorentini has been a co-opted AEFCA Executive Committee member since 2007.

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