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5 September 2011 – Visitors to this website may already pencil in the approximate window for the XXXII AEFCA Symposium in Antalya, Turkey – this is going to take place sometime between 16 and 23 November 2011 and the exact dates will be communicated to you shortly. And while we’re on the subject of dates, why don’t you check out the new list of UEFA and FIFA events likely to broaden your football horizon. Just click on navigation point “Dates & Events” to find out more.

From 2001 to the new elections held in November 2010, long-time Austrian Coaches’ Association (BÖFL) treasurer Stefan Nemeth volunteered to audit the books of the AEFCA and its precursor organisation UEFT in the capacity of an honorary auditor.

BÖFL President Willi Temper (left, Photo: BÖFL), who is going to take over from Stefan Nemeth to serve the European coaches’ body, used the 42nd BÖFL coaching seminar held at the VIVA Steinbrunn sport centre in late June 2011 to express, on behalf of the entire AEFCA Presidium and Executive Committee, his appreciation for Nemeth’s loyal commitment. As a token of gratitude, Nemeth received an invitation to an elegant dinner for two in a first-class restaurant.

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Let’s get personal: Fredi Fiorentini, AEFCA Vice-President, celebrated his 50th birthday in his home town of Split on 29 August. —  Mircea Rãdulescu, Director of the National Coaches’ School of the Romanian FA (FRF) in Bucharest and AEFCA Contact Partner, was 70 on 31 August — On the very same day, long-time FIFA and DFB football developing aid specialist Holger Obermann (cf. “News at a glance 3”) turned 75 years of age. —  Vladimir Weiss, Slovakia’s national team coach and one of the speakers at the Warsaw symposium, was elected “Coach of the Year 2010” a short while ago in his native country.

To all of the above – congratulations and many happy returns!

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