AEFCA – Elections

Within the General Assembly of AEFCA the delegates of 41 (out of 49) present memberorganisations elected the members of Presidential Board, Executive Committee, the Auditors and the members of the Arbitration-Court for the next 4 years.

President Walter Gagg (Switzerland), 1st. Vice-President Jukka Vakkila (Finland) and 2nd. Vice-President José Pereira (Portugal) were confirmed in office, up to now commissionary Treasurer Willy Schmid (Switzerland) was new elected.

Ismail Dilber (Turkey), Fredi Fiorentini PhD (Croatia), Mikhail Gershkovich (Russia), Lutz Hangartner (Germany), Luca Perdomi (Italy) and Sigurdur Torsteinsson (Iceland) were elected to Vice-Presidents in the Executive Committee.
Dr. Ladislav Borbely (Slovakia), Ron Schneider (Israel), Dr. Zdenek Sivek (Czechia), Craig Brown (Scotland) and Zorko Dalibor (Serbia) were elected coopted members of the Executive Committee.

Auditors Willi Temper (Austria) and Branko Elsner (Slovenia) were reelected in office, Serge Bix (Luxembourg) was assigned to Deputy Auditor by the new Executive Committee.

Roee Cohen (Israel) and Zoran Radulovic (Serbia) were elected to the Arbitration Court.

We wish all elected representatives of AEFCA good luck within the 4 years to come.

Jürgen Pforr, AEFCA General Secretary