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Outlook January 2019:

2nd AEFCA-Legal Symposium will be organized by our portugeese members in Lisboa/Portugal in may 2019.

Next Meeting of AEFCA-Board and AEFCA-Executive Committee will take place during the 2nd AEFCA-Legal-Symposium in Lisboa/Portugal in may 2019.

AEFCA-President Walter Gagg and GS Jürgen Pforr will meet representatives of polnish Coaches-Ass. and polnish Football-Ass. in Warsaw/Poland in jan. 2019 to continue negotiations about hosting the 40th AEFCA-Symposium. 
Edward Klejndinst (polnish STPN) announced at the end of AEFCA-Symposium in Antalya/Turkey, that the next AEFCA-Symposium will be organised in Warsaw/Poland end of oct./beg. nov. 2019.

AEFCA GS Jürgen Pforr will continue negotiations with slovenian Coaches-Ass. NZS to host the 41st AEFCA-Symposium in Ljubljana/Slovenia in autumn 2020. NZS will celebrate its 50th birthday in 2020.

AEFCA will sign new contract to serbian Internet-Provider, who will service AEFCA-Internet-presentation.

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