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Outlook March 2019:

Lisbon, march 2019
The Organisers of the 2nd AEFCA-Legal Symposium, that will be held in Lisbon/Portugal April 25/26, report about a tremendous increase of applications for this major european football-Event. The number of participants will double in comparison to the 1st AEFCA-Legal Symposium. Simultaneously to the Legal Symposium the AEFCA-Board and AEFCA-Executive Committee will assemble in Lisbon. Registration-deadline will be on march 25, 2019. After that Deadline please contact the Secretarty General, Mr. Jürgen Pforr

Quinta do Lago, march 19/20, 2019
AEFCA-President Mr. Walter Gagg was invited by english LMA to participate in the "LMA Senior Managers and Coaches Forum" in portuguese Quinta do Lago. AEFCA-President Gagg met more than 100 Managers from all over Europe to discuss current matters in Football.

Warsaw, march 16, 2019
STPN, organisers of the 40th AEFCA-Symposium in Warsaw/Poland, signed the contract to AEFCA to host the Symposium, that will be held on october 13 and 14, 2019. Arrivalday will be october 12, departureday october 15, 2019. The Renaissance-Hotel and Congress-Center in Warsaw (directly at the Chopin-Airport in Warsaw) will be the stage for the Symposium, practical sessions will be organised in Legia-Stadium downtown. The Polish FA invited the participants to visit the match Poland - Macedonia (european qualifiermatch). AEFCA, supported by UEFA, will bring into play Top-Speakers from allover Europe.

Portimao/Portugal march 31, 2019
Mr. José Pereira, 2nd VicePresident of AEFCA and Chairman of ANTF, invites AEFCA-President Mr. Walter Gagg to participate in the ceremony to launch the UTFP-CPLP (Communion of Portuguese Language speaking Countries) to establish a Football-Coaches Association for these countries.

Newsletter March 2019

Outlook February 2019:

Brussels, European Parliament, febr. 6, 2019
AEFCA-President Walter Gagg and Mr. Antonio Tajani, President of the European Parliament, signed a Memorandum to the italian Foundation "Insieme contro il cancro". The foundation organises events and infos about the fight against cancer, AEFCA will support the foundation by planning and organising events with the national Coaches-Ass. First events will be organised in Portugal and in Croatia, others will follow.
AEFCA President Walter Gagg took the opportunity to introduce to Mr. Tajani and the present members of the European Parliament aims and goals of AEFCA. Mr. Tajani, expert and insider in italian and european football, was presented a shirt of the croatian nationalteam by AEFCA-VicePresident Dr. Fredi Fiorentini.

The 2nd AEFCA Legal Symposium will be organised by portuguese ANTF in April 25 and 26, 2019. Arrivalday for the participants will be april 24, 2019, registration will start 15h00. Departureday will be April 26, 2019 after lunch. All AEFCA-memberorganisations are invited to send their Legal Advisers or Lawyers (please follow the original invitationletter mailed out to the members in february 2019.). AEFCA invited lecturers from national and international Football-Organisations, well known coaches like Mr. M. Lippi already confirmed their appearance.

The 40th AEFCA Symposium is scheduled to take place in Warsaw/Poland in october 12, 2019 (arrivalday and registration) and will end oct. 14, 2019 after dinner. Departure after breakfast oct. 15, 2019. Polish Football-Ass. invited all participants to visit the match Poland-Macedonia (europen qualifier-match).

Newsletter February 2019

Outlook January 2019:

2nd AEFCA-Legal Symposium will be organized by our portuguese member ANTF in Lisboa/Portugal in April 25+26,2019.

Next Meeting of AEFCA-Board and AEFCA-Executive Committee will take place during the 2nd AEFCA-Legal-Symposium in Lisboa/Portugal in April 24,2019.

AEFCA-President Walter Gagg and GS Jürgen Pforr will meet representatives of polnish Coaches-Ass. and polnish Football-Ass. in Warsaw/Poland in jan. 2019 to continue negotiations about hosting the 40th AEFCA-Symposium.
Edward Klejndinst (polnish STPN) announced at the end of AEFCA-Symposium in Antalya/Turkey, that the next AEFCA-Symposium will be organised in Warsaw/Poland end of oct./beg. nov. 2019.

AEFCA GS Jürgen Pforr will continue negotiations with slovenian Coaches-Ass. NZS to host the 41st AEFCA-Symposium in Ljubljana/Slovenia in autumn 2020. NZS will celebrate its 50th birthday in 2020.

AEFCA will sign new contract to serbian Internet-Provider, who will service AEFCA-Internet-presentation.

Newsletter January 2019

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