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October 2013

UEFA: Status Coaching Convention membership

Dated 1 October 2013, the European confederation has published the actualized “Status of UEFA Coaching Convention membership”.

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And in addition the Coach Education Programme pyramid as well as the Programme structure.

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August 2012

FIFA: Goal Line Technology

Hotly debated over many years (and recurrently abandoned), the issue of Goal Line Technology resurfaced with a vengeance at UEFA EURO 2012. In the August/September issue of FIFA World, football writer Mark Ledsom provides an in-depth look at where things stand after the much-awaited International Football Association Board (IFAB) meeting in Zurich in July.

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June 2012

UEFA: Status Coaching Convention membership

Dated 12 March 2012, the European confederation has published the actualized “Status of UEFA Coaching Convention membership”.

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And in addition the Coach Education Programme pyramid as well as the Programme structure.

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September 2011

UEFA: Coaching the coaches in Prague

From 21 to 23 September UEFA hosted its 9th UEFA Workshop for Coach Education in conjunction with the FA of the Czech Republic (CMFS) in Prague.

President Dr. Jozef Vengloš and General Secretary Karlheinz Raviol officially represented the European coaches alliance AEFCA.

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April 2011

UEFA: UEFA and AEFCA agree on extension of MoU

The UEFA Executive Committee meeting in Zagreb on 31 January 2008 was the scene for the signing ceremony of an important document that had been conceived to put relations between the European football governing body and the Alliance of European Football Coaches’ Associations on an even firmer footing.

That day, Presidents Michel Platini and Dr Jozef Vengloš, respectively, put their signatures to a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) featuring, amongst other areas, the joint promotion and protection of the coaching profession, as well as the advancement and European standardization of coach education

We are happy to inform members that following the recent UEFA Executive Committee meeting in Nyon, General Secretary Gianni Infantino has confirmed the decision to extend the life of the MoU for another three years, until 31 December 2013.

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March 2011

UEFA: Congratulations to Jozef Vengloš

From: UEFA direct 3/2011

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February 2011

adidas: Partnership with the Spanish Football Association RFEF extended

As a result of the close relationship between both parties over the last 30 years, an extension agreement until December 2018 was signed in Madrid on 7 February.

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September 2010

adidas: Paint an African legacy

With the 2010 FIFA World Cup now behind us, it could be easy to forget some of the many things which happened both on and off the field during the world’s most prestigious sporting event. Some things, however, are less easy to forget, such as the two African painters commissioned by adidas to paint the story of the World Cup and unravel the tournament from the first ball kicked to the lifting of the trophy. More to be read in the article in “FIFA World’s” September issue.

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September 2010

FIFA: Spanish lesson

It will be one of the topics at the XXXI AEFCA Symposium in Warsaw beginning of December: the analysis of the 2010 FIFA World Cup by a member of the FIFA Technical Study Group. In “FIFA World’s” September issue a report gives insights into how the teams played in South Africa as well as into the formations and tactics that proved successful. With a closer look on the new world champion Spain.

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June 2010

adidas: Beauty and the best

The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive so far by the world’s top players. But quite a few goalies see it a little different. We are talking about “Jabulani”, the official matchball for the actual FIFA World Cup. After it’s first presentation in the January/February issue of “FIFA World”, the new June/July edition now offers further information. And in addition presents a look at “Jabulani’s” ancestors since 1970.

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May 2010

FIFA: Soccer Science

Traditional coaching methods are looking increasingly old-fashioned as leading football clubs and nations take a more and more scientific approach to the beautiful game. But the people leading this “technological revolution” say it is just the beginning. More to be read in Ben Lyttleton’s article in “FIFA World’s” May issue.

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March 2010

FIFA: Speed versus possession

In “FIFA World’s” March issue Christofer Clemens, FIFA Technical Study Group match analyst, compares for instance the different styles English and Spanish teams are favouring lateley. Especially the more accurate playing style of FC Barcelona and the Spanish national team are enjoying success which has breathed new life info the debate as to which is the most effective and best one.

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January 2010

adidas: A High-Tech Celebration

The January/February issue of “FIFA World” presents an article on the official match ball for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Its creator adidas  – AEFCA partner of many years –  named it “Jabulani” and billed it as the most accurate ball ever made.

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August 2009

FIFA: More freedom for coaches

May 2009 saw the launch of “FIFA World”, a new monthly replacing the former “FIFA magazine”. Whenever the publication features any news, reports or papers on the coaching profession, we will of course forward such articles to you for your information. In the June/July 2009 edition, for example, we find an interesting piece entitled More freedom for coaches focussing on an important amendment in the Technical Zone rules and regulations.

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August 2009

adidas: adidas celebrates its greatest moments for 60th anniversary

When Adi Dassler registered his company “Adi Dassler adidas Schuhfabrik” on August 18th, 1949, little did he know that, 60 years later, the brand with the 3-Stripes would be one of the most famous and successful global brands. This year, adidas celebrates its 60th anniversary with a look back on the greatest moments in its history.

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June 2009

UEFA: A conventional approach 

Latest update on the UEFA Coaching Convention provided by UEFA (article from The Technician – Newsletter for Coaches No. 41, February 2009)

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