Poland set to host 2010 edition of AEFCA Symposium

14 December 2009 – Speaking on behalf of “his” President, Grzegorz Lato, at the 30th AEFCA Symposium in Minsk in October 2009, Polish FA Director of Sports Jerzy Engel had already revealed that the PZPN was considering hosting next year’s edition of the event, together with the Polish national coaches’ organisation.

In the meantime, we have received written confirmation from Warsaw, which allows us to commence, at a very early stage, with talks about the basic concept, as well as the timing and suitable venues for what will be the 31st Symposium.

That said, the envisaged time and place are very likely to be the Polish capital Warsaw, with date sometime in the October/November timeframe yet to be determined.

Please check this website for the latest news.

Anyone who is keen to learn more about football in Poland, is invited to click on the MEMBER ORGANISATIONS button and select Poland on the map of Europe, from which you will be directed to the PZPN’s homepage www.pzpn.pl (the coaches’ association does not yet have its own website).

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