Posthumous honorary AEFCA membership awarded to Ramón Cobo

5 November 2009 – At the 30th AEFCA Symposium held in Minsk, Belarus, Spanish coaching legend Ramón Cobo Antoranz, who died in his native Madrid on 13 August 2009, was awarded posthumous honorary membership of the European coaches’ alliance.

On 25th October 2009, AEFCA President Dr Jozef Vengloš handed the official document over to the Vice-President of the Spanish Comité Nacional de Entrenadores de la R.F.E.F., Vicente Miera (photo).

Ramón Cobo had been a committed UEFT/AEFCA member since 1995. The English translation of the Spanish original reads as follows: “As a sign of gratitude for, and in recognition of his extraordinary contribution to football and the Alliance of European Football Coaches’ Associations; Ramón Cobo Antoranz is herewith awarded posthumous honorary membership of the AEFCA.”

For more information on Ramón Cobo, please read the obituary published under NEWS on 24 August 2009. A list of all honorary members is included in the ABOUT US section (“Honorary UEFT/AEFCA Members”).

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