Status UEFA Coaching Convention membership

27 July 2012  –  Just over two decades have passed since UEFA’s Executive Committee took the clairvoyant decision to develop a UEFA coach education structure with a brief to “upgrade standards of coach education; to protect the coaching profession and to facilitate freedom of movement within European countries in line with international law.”

A working group of technical directors and experts from various national associations was set up under the chairmanship of Václav Jira with the aim of drafting a Convention on the Mutual Recognition of Coaching Qualifications. After Jira’s death in 1993, it was decided that the UEFA committee (which met for the first time 1995) would bear his name, as does the panel which is currently building on his pioneering work.

When the first six member associations put signatures to the UEFA Coaching Convention in 1998, few would have predicted that it would take root so quickly and so deeply, that, within a decade, all 53 member associations would have become signatories, or that, currently, 161,086 UEFA-endorsed coaching licences would have been issued – 5,803 at full Pro level (all information taken from the article “The Jira Journey” – “UEFA technican” No. 51).

If you would like to know more about the actual status of the 53 football associations, click on “PARTNER / Further Information” (June 2012). In addition you may download datas about the UEFA Coach Education Programme as well as the Programme structure.

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