Successful 36th AEFCA Symposium in Sotchi (Russia)

From 26 to 29 October 2014, the symposium was held in Sotchi (Russia). Here some pictures and PDF’s from the speakers.

Sotschi 1

Walter Gagg, Robert Kunz and Nikša Jakiši


Marco Fumagalli, Mayrilian Cruz Blanco, Walter Gagg, Fredi Fiorentini


Walter Gagg and Mayrilian Cruz Blanco (FIFA)

Pfoor Fredi usw

Jürgen Pforr, Lutz Hangartner, Luca Perdomi, Fredi Fiorentini and Ismael Dilber













Our traditional group photo





Willi Ruttensteiner  (UEFA)

Trainerfortbildung Ruttensteiner

Robert Kunz


Mayrilian Cruz Blanco (FIFA)

WF Development Cruz

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