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An idea becomes reality

By the 1970s, the Association of German Football Coaches (BDFL, Bund Deutscher Fußball-Lehrer) was organising its International Coaches’ Congress (Internationaler Trainer-Kongress, ITK) on a regular basis, a much-appreciated opportunity for coaches from different countries to get together and exchange views. People soon saw the need for an organisation in its own right, so that the UEF was founded in Vienna on 12 January 1980, with representatives from eight nations being the founding members:

Board and Founding Members of the UEF

• Franz Leidl (Austria) President
• Arthur Lenz (Denmark) 1st Vice-President
• Fritz Buchloh (Germany) 2nd Vice-President
• Willy Scholer (Luxembourg) 3rd Vice-President
• Lothar Meurer (Switzerland) General Secretary (also of the BDFL)
Herbert Widmayer (Germany), Owe Bonnesen (Denmark), Frans de Bruyn (Netherlands), Albert Adams (Luxembourg), Reynir Karlsson (Iceland), Karl Decker (Austria), René Hüssy (Switzerland), and Manuel Alepuz (Spain) were the other Board members.

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The AEFCA pursues the following aims and objectives:

a) Representing its member associations at European level;

b) Representing licensed football coaches at European level;

c) Organizing an annual symposium as a forum for further education for licensed coaches and an international platform for the exchange of experience, opinions, suggestions, visions, and ideas;

d) Assisting with intensifying, and improving the standard of, coach education throughout Europe;

e) Closely cooperating with UEFA and its affiliated associations, with FIFA and all other international sports organisations, as well as with the media (written press, radio and television);

f) Advancing and promoting intensive, individual, and creative training and education of young talents in Europe;

g) Taking adequate action safeguarding that football remains the “Number One Sport” in Europe;

h) Improving the public image of the coaching profession by adopting appropriate PR activities;

i) Respecting and promoting the spirit of Fair Play, as well as observing the principles of sport in all coach and coaching-related issues;

j) The AEFCA observes the principle of strict neutrality in all issues of politics, race and religions. It will protect the right of all member associations and their affiliated members to be treated in accordance with the principles of law and equity, and it will ensure that equal treatment will be afforded to all, irrespective of their descent, gender, nationality, denomination, ethnic origin, political belief or commitment to any party or union.

k) Respecting and promoting honesty and integrity in the coaching profession, and dealing internally, to the extent possible, with any transgressions against these principles.

Honorary Presidents

Name Country Nominated
Franz Leidl † Austria 1986
Herbert Widmayer † Germany 1995
Dr. Jozef Vengloš Slovakia 2013

Honorary Vice-Presidents

Name Country Nominated
Georges Boulogne † France 1995
René Hüssy † Switzerland 1995
John Calogeras Greece 2001
Norbert Konter Luxembourg 2004

Honorary Members

Name   Country   Nominated
Fritz Buchloh †   Germany   1986
Arthur Lenz †   Denmark   1986
Manuel Alepuz Andrés †   Spain   1989
Spartaco Fugani †   Switzerland   1989
Giuliano Zani †   Italy   1989
Dr. Václav Jíra †   Czech Republic   1993 posthum
Hermann Höfer †   Germany   1997 posthum
Sir Bobby Robson †   England   1998
Andy Roxburgh   Scotland   1998
Lothar Meurer †   Switzerland   2004 posthum
Ernest Jacky   France   2004
René Basler   Switzerland   2007
Walter Gagg   Switzerland   2007
Ramón Cobo Antoranz †   Spain   2009 posthum


Year City Country
2019 Warsaw Poland
2018 Belek Turkey More
2017 Belgrade Serbia More
2016 Como Italy More
2015 Sochi Russia More
2014 Zagreb Croatia
2013 Antalya Turkey
2012 Split Croatia
2011 Antalya Turkey
2010 Warsaw Poland
2009 Minsk Belarus
2008 Frankfurt Germany
2007 Helsinki Finland
2006 Prague Czech Republic
2005 Basel Switzerland
2004 Estoril (Lisbon) Portugal
2003 Kusadasi Turkey
2002 Paris France
2001 Bratislava Slovakia
2000 Frankfurt Germany
1999 London (Wembley) England
1998 Seville Spain
1997 Shefayim Israel
1996 Athens Greece
1995 Limassol Cyprus
1994 Porto Portugal
1993 Kusadasi Turkey
1992 Monte Carlo Monaco
1991 Bratislava CSSR
1990 Coverciano (Florence) Italy
1989 Tenerife Spain
1988 Gothenburg Sweden
1987 Athens Greece
1986 Neuchâtel Switzerland
1985 Coverciano (Florence) Italy
1984 Athens Greece
1983 Zug Switzerland
1982 Copenhagen Denmark
1981 Luxembourg Luxembourg
1980 Mattersburg Austria