TÜFAD event live on TV

29 April 2014 – For the second time, Antalya/Manavgat was the venue for the Masters (over 40s) Football Tournament organised by our Turkish member organisation TÜFAD (Türkiye Futbol Antrenörleri Derneği).

Compared with last year’s successful edition of the event, the organisers even managed to up the ante, with 20 teams totalling some 400 players and coaches that took part in the four-day tournament to demonstrate their skills in front of enthusiastic audiences.

In the end, the Turkish capital’s team TÜFAD Ankara came out the winner, with the follow-up places occupied by the TÜFAD teams from Kayseri, Batman, and Bursa. There was ample press coverage of the tournament as Turkish TV stations TRT, Ligtv, Sky, and 360TVs included match highlights in their broadcasting schedules. The high point was the friendly match in the Manavgat stadium between an ex-pro Allstar Team and a Manavgat XI that was attended by over 2,000 spectators and broadcast live by Turkish public broadcaster TRT.

Given the huge success of the event, TÜFAD President and AEFCA Vice-President Ismail Dilber has already pencilled in a third edition of the tournament. In fact, he is even considering giving it an international feel by inviting foreign teams, with the time window for such a tournament ranging between late 2014 and spring 2015. Any other AEFCA members interested in learning more are called upon to come forward and contact the organisers; please see the “Member Organisations” section for details.

All pictures: TÜFAD & Pumpkintur

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