TÜFAD President presented with Lothar Meurer Honorary Award

19 December 2011 – Ismail Dilber, long-time President of the Turkish coaches’ organisation TÜFAD, was presented with the Lothar Meurer Honorary Award on the occasion of the 32nd AEFCA Symposium held in Antalya in November earlier this year.


The sixth person to receive this distinction, Dilber was honoured by the AEFCA Executive Committee for his lifelong dedication to what is one of Europe’s biggest coaches’ bodies (currently counting approx. 17,000 members) and in recognition of his merits for the AEFCA and its precursor, the UEFT.

Since 2001, Ismail Dilber has been a co-opted member of the Executive Committee where his vast experience and great commitment are highly appreciated.

AEFCA President Dr. Jozef Vengloš (right), who was the awardee in 2010, gave the official speech in Dilber’s honour and handed over the statuette (Photo: TÜFAD).

The award itself is a handcrafted masterpiece made of Bohemian crystal and especially commissioned by the AEFCA from the prestigious Preciosa works, a world leading producer of cut crystal and glass art based in Jablonec, Czech Republic.






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