Walter Gagg – the new man at the helm

20 December 2013 – Held in the Antalya, Turkey, Concorde Hotel from 1 to 5 December 2013, the XXXIV AEFCA Symposium coincided with the triennial General Assembly of the European coaches’ organisation where the elections to the new AEFCA Executive Committee featured high on the agenda.

From a total of 61 delegates present, 37 were entitled to cast their votes on behalf of their respective national associations. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the election results:

1) In the absence of any rival candidates, the following members were unanimously re-elected (or newly-elected, as the case may be) by open vote:

– President: Walter Gagg / Switzerland
– 1st Vice-President: Jukka Vakkila / Finland
– 2nd Vice-President: José Pereira / Portugal
– 3rd Vice-President: Craig Brown / Scotland
– Treasurer: Wim Adolfsen / Netherlands

Together with General Secretary Karlheinz Raviol, who was also confirmed in office for the 2013 – 2016 term, the above are going to constitute the AEFCA Presidium for the following three years; before the vote, the delegates had unanimously agreed to create the position of 3rd Vice-President.

2) With a total number of 11 candidacies, the six (6) Vice-Presidents had to be elected by secret ballot. The votes counted resulted in the following ranking:

– Ismail Dilber / Turkey
– Dr. Fredi Fiorentini / Croatia
– Dr. Zdenek Sivek / Czech Republic
– Lutz Hangartner / Germany
– Jacques Müller / Luxembourg
– Luca Perdomi / Italy

– Dr. Ladislav Borbely / Slovakia
– Ron Schneider / Israel
– Mikhail Gershkovich / Russia
– Andreas T. Michaelides / Cyprus

– Sulejman Starova / Albania

In accordance with the Statutes, the first six persons listed above will join the Executive Committee as equal Vice-Presidents, while Messrs. Borbely, Schneider, Gershkovich, and Michaelides will be represented in the ExCo as co-opted members with no right to vote.

3) Three candidates presented themselves for the elections of the two auditors (one deputy):

– Jürgen Pforr / Germany
– Wilhelm Temper / Austria
– Philip J. Müller / Switzerland

In an open “en bloc” vote, these colleagues were elected unanimously.

The below chart shows all of the elected members and their respected functions.
Our congratulations go out to the new office holders, together with our best wishes for good luck and success for their future contributions to the AEFCA.

Download photo Executive Committee, 6.3 MB

Very special thanks go out to several colleagues who will no longer form part of the AEFCA leadership. Needless to say, the first to deserve special mention is our long-time President, Dr. Jozef Vengloš, who did not stand for re-election on grounds of old age but was appointed, to huge applause, Honorary President (cf. News at a glance, 16 December 2013).

Equal gratitude is due to 1st Vice-President Horst Zingraf for his valuable and untiring commitment to the Alliance since 2004; he, too, felt it was time for younger people to assume responsibility. The list is completed by Jean-Pierre Morlans and Dr. Franco Ferrari, who stepped down for professional and statutory reasons, respectively, and finally auditor Branko Elsner who, having served three consecutive terms, was not allowed by the AEFCA Financial Statutes to stand for re-election.

Executive Committee 2013 – 2016

President: GAGG, Walter CH
1. Vice-President: VAKKILA, Jukka FI
2. Vice-President: PEREIRA, José PT
3. Vice-President: BROWN, Craig SCO
Treasurer: ADOLFSEN, Wim NL
General Secretary: RAVIOL, Karlheinz DE
Vice-Presidents: DILBER, Ismail TR
SIVEK Dr., Zdenek CZ
MULLER, Jacques LU
Co-opted members: BORBELY Dr., Ladislav SK
Auditors: PFORR, Jürgen DE
TEMPER, Wilhelm AT
Substitute Auditor: MÜLLER, Philip J. CH


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