soccer hub is aefca’s content partner

AEFCA signed a new partnership agreement with the Portuguese based company Soccer HUB!

SOCCER HUB is specialized in offering soccer coaching courses and education solutions for its partners.Working exclusively with the Football Industry, Soccer HUB masters the best way to collect and distribute content all over the world!

With years of experience in technologies, digital marketing, digital learning and Football Education, Soccer HUB is the perfect solution for the development of our brand using content as a vehicle!

This is the tasks that Soccer HUB will fullfil:

  1. Website’s revision and supply;
  2. Managing and developing AEFCA’s social Media channels ;
  3. Producing different formats of content in order to improve brand awareness ;
  4. Making available to AEFCA an e-learning personalized page at Soccer HUB’s education platform with the url
  5. Helping out AEFCA, as well as its member Associations, to produce online courses to be introduced at its education platform;
  6. Obtain economic partnerships for AEFCA;
  7. Search new sponsors.
  8. Find new resources of finances for AEFCA.

Find more about Soccer HUB at:

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