we support coaches

The President message


« Coaches have to be heard and supported. That's why AEFCA exists.

This year, we will go forward and make everything we can to keep up the good work.

The quality shown during our last Symposium and the signature of the Carta Como are a solid basis we can work from.

I am very grateful regarding all my delegates from the Executive Committee and I want to thank all of them for providing coaches with their knowledge, time, and know-how.


New AEFCA-Member - Upcoming AEFCA-events

AEFCA welcomes new AEFCA-Member: UNECATEF - Union Nationale des Entreneurs et Cadres Techniques du Football Francais.

AEFCA will organise the 2nd. AEFCA - Legal Symposium in Lisbon/Portugal in may 2019.

AEFCA negotiates to organise the 40th AEFCA-Symposium in Warsaw/Poland oct. or nov. 2019

Next meeting of AEFCA-Board- and Executive-Committee will take place in Lisboa during the Legal-Symposium