Memorandum with the European Parliament

Brussels, European Parliament, febr. 6, 2019

AEFCA-President Walter Gagg and Mr. Antonio Tajani, President of the European Parliament, signed a Memorandum to the italian Foundation “Insieme contro il cancro”. The foundation organizes events and infos about the fight against cancer, AEFCA will support the foundation by planning and organizing events with the national Coaches-Ass. First events will be organized in Portugal and in Croatia, others will follow.
AEFCA President Walter Gagg took the opportunity to introduce to Mr. Tajani and the present members of the European Parliament aims and goals of AEFCA. Mr. Tajani, expert and insider in italian and european football, was presented a shirt of the croatian national team by AEFCA-VicePresident Dr. Fredi Fiorentini.