aefca’s legal symposium lisbon 2019

In April 25/26, 2019 AEFCA organised the 2nd AEFCA Legal-Symposium in Lisbon/Portugal. AEFCA-President Walter Gagg and José Pereira, AEFCA-2nd VicePresident , President ANTF and host of the 2nd. Legal Symposium, welcomed speakers, participants and delegates.

Following the great success of the 1st Legal-Symposium, that took place in Guimaraes/Portugal in 2017, AEFCA and the portuguese hosts invited lawyers, legal representatives and legal advisers of AEFCA-Memberorganisations to strengthen and deepen networking and cooperation within the AEFCA.

The Organisers of the Symposium, Sergio Araujo, Head of AEFCA-Legal Department, Luca Perdomi, AEFCA-VicePresident and Jürgen Pforr, AEFCA-Secretary General, presented a selection of top-level speakers representing international organisations as Dra. Maria E. Dominguez Rubio (FIFA), Dr. Mario Flores (FIFA), and Dr. Joao Nogueira da Rocha (CAS). Dr. Joao Martins (LPFP), Dra. Rute Soares (FPF) and Dra. Ana Marques (FPF) representing hosting Portugal, were complemented by Prof. Dra. Anne Jakob (Lawyer, Germany), Dra. Laura Formichella (Lawyer, Italy) and Dr. Enrico Toti (Lawyer, Italy).
The Symposium started with a round-table. Portuguese Footballcoaches Fernando Santos, Carlos Carvalhal and Gianni de Biasi (Italy, Albania) reported about problems and troubles, that arise, when Footballcoaches are not protected.

The lectures started from basic demands of legal contracts, showed different and conflicting legal decisions in FIFA or CAS by discussing jurisdiction on Coaches´ employment-related disputes.
The audience learned about different rules and regulations for coaches and for players. A special emphasis was placed on the legal situation for european coaches working in China.
After many hours of hard work the portuguese hosts abducted to a local wine-degustation and a customary dinner, where all participants took the opportunity for discussing and starting networking.

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